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I have a broad range of experience spanning across different audiences and sectors from C-suite executives to physicians to patient advocates and young professionals. I am available for keynote presentations, panels, workshops, and general requests. 


Past speaking engagements include:

  • Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit 

  • MassBio Patient Advocacy Summit 

  • National Summit on Autoimmune Disease

  • Patients as Partners Conference 

  • Partnerships in Drug Delivery

  • Health Tech Venture Network Conference

  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement Leadership Alliance Meeting

  • Pulse@MassChallenge Pulse Check

Sample topics:

  • Successful patient engagement within healthcare/biotech companies

  • Tools for strengthening patient/physician relationships

  • How my struggle became my success: journey living with multiple chronic illnesses

I am happy to craft custom presentations to help make your event a success!

Patient Engagement Advisor & Facilitator

My personal experience as a patient combined with a decade of work in the advocacy field has allowed me to unlock the key to successful patient engagement. As an advisor, I can help ensure you are keeping the patient voice at the center of your company and developing meaningful relationships with the patient community. If you are a healthcare, digital health, biotech, pharma med device, nutrition focused, or integrative medicine company interested in patient engagement, I'm here to help!

I am also available to facilitate patient advisory boards to ensure you're making the most of your meetings as well as sit on advisory boards to provide my personal perspective as an autoimmune patient.

I have served as an advisor for several notable healthcare companies including Janssen, Clara Health, and ZappRx.


Building brands and launching campaigns are my bread and butter! I've successfully conceived and executed multiple campaigns including: 


  • #PatientDriven®: A successful initiative designed to showcase why biotech and pharma professionals work in the field. The campaign successfully united patients and professionals and is now a staple of the MassBio brand. 

  • Patients Have Power: Developed alongside my co-workers at Clara Health, Patients Have Power is at the heart of Clara's brand and has successfully empowered patients across the country and around the world reminding them that they hold the power in their healthcare journey. The campaign was featured in FiercePharma and endorsed by major pharma companies including J&J and Takeda.

  • 50 Cents for 50 Million: A campaign designed to raise awareness and funds for the 50 million Americans battling autoimmune diseases. The campaign generated widespread awareness and landed coverage in the Huffington Post and local Boston outlets.

  • Breakthrough Crew: Award winning ambassador program that has built a tight-knit community of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers across therapeutic areas dedicated to raising awareness about the power of research and clinical trials.

Are you building a brand  you want to resonate with patients? I'd love to help advise you and am available for select contract work to help make your brand a smashing success!

Writing, Podcasting, & Social Engagement

I am available for guest posts, thought leadership pieces, podcasts, and social media engagement! I love the opportunity to help raise awareness about companies and/or initiatives I believe in. To learn a little more about me and the topics I'm passionate about, check out the following:

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